Barstool black

  • High-quality furniture which is easy to assemble and disassemble- 1 2 3 and OK
  • Handcrafted
  • Without screws
  • Material: Birch plywood (21 mm)
  • Elaboration: Natural OSMO oils which are harmless to people, animals and plants. The legs are oiled with white or toning oilwax and the table is oiled with a toning oilwax + polyx oils, which gives good durability and abrasion resistance.
  • Is resistant to coffee, wine and cola stains.
  • Color options: Black and white
  • Time of delivery: 2–3 weeks

Designer: Andres Almazov

Weight Dimensions
4,2kg H70cm x L32cm
Additional information

Crosslock furniture is handmade and without screws, it assembles and disassembles easily – 1 2 3 and OK. Crosslock furniture is made of strong quality birch plywood. All products are finished off with natural OSMO oils, which are harmless to people, animals and plants (the same oil is used to finish childrens’ colorful and natural wooden toys). As an example for abrasion resistance OSMO oils are used for wood flooring finishing (OSMO oils certificate: DIN EN 71.3).

Environmentally friendly product, 100% renewable material (exept for the installation accessories)