About the Company


About us –
We like simple things. This is why we decided to design quality furniture which is easy to assemble and disassemble – one-two-three and done. This high-quality furniture is handmade from birch plywood and is finished off with natural OSMO oils that are harmless to people, animals and plants. Just cross the legs and fixate them with the chair seat or table-board.
These cross-lock chairs and tables, designed by Andres Almazov, don’t need any other fastening systems. The company has the exclusive rights to these designs and manufacturing.
Each piece of furniture is unique due to the non-recurring wood patterns, which shine through every design. Anyone can assemble this furniture with ease, even children, so there is no need for dad to search for a drill. It is all very simple and creative – in the dining room, the lobby, childrens’ room, in the playcorner at a coffee shop, in the living room – it’s all up to you.
You can quickly and easily store the small chairs into your backpack and go enjoy a beautiful sunset at the beach or go have a nice picnic in the bog. Perhaps you don’t need a table for everyday use, only when visitors come over – in just 5 minutes you will have all the nessesary furniture assembled and your friends seated around a table. When the furniture is disassembled, it doesn’t take up a lot of space in your living area and remains unnoticable until you need it again. But we think due to the bright and fun colors which will bring joy to your day, you will want to use 123 furniture every day. Our aim is to offer quality and simplicity so you will have more time to do the things you really love and enjoy.